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Case Studies

1. Improve time-to-market and reduce costs for Fortune 500 Company

Logston experts worked together to develop an automation solution for which a different solution had been unsuccessfully implemented.  The Logston experts were assembled in a group that was composed of a vertically integrated (in terms of skill sets), and managed with primary objectives of rapid time-to-market and minimized product cost impact. The small team utilized the Logston PDP process, and was extremely successful by all measures.  The complex production line was started and ramp ahead of schedule, with throughput and yields well above any previously experienced by this Fortune 500 Company – for new or replicate production lines!  The project was completed under budget, and required less resources than any other line.  As a result, this production solution was replicated many times and placed in production locations around the world.


2. Quickly launch a new product in development to capture market share

Logston Associates worked with a Fortune 500 company to develop and implement a manufacturing strategy that would enable multiple manufacturing lines to designed and developed concurrently with product development schedule. Partnering with the product design team, Logston Associates was able to develop and deploy a manufacturing solution in the US, Singapore, Puerto Rico, and Ireland in four months prior to the product being released. In addition, Logston Associates helped design and install the next set of lines that were split between manufacturing sites and contract manufacturers.


3. Develop and implement a manufacturing strategy for validation thru ramp

Logston Associates helped to develop new manufacturing equipment for a medical device. This project required developing bench top tooling to allow for product qualification testing to commence for FDA validation requirements. This equipment was leveraged into proof of principle and high volume equipment. The building block approach was deployed to allow for crital processes to be understood and leveraged into high volume solutions.