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Logston’s expertise benefits our clients in a variety of areas:

Cost Savings

Resources – Internal resources are not needed.  Our experts are experienced at understanding new product and manufacturing needs.  It is highly unlikely that internal resources could be found that could work as efficiently and effectively as ours.  Not only are our resources the “best of the best”, but they are a team that works well together. We train the internal resources appropriately, and our clients avoid long-term employment costs of acquisition expertise.

Negotiations - We are advocates of our clients, and are familiar with the automation supplier landscape.  Our familiarity with various supplier performance and capabilities will lead to more effective supplier negotiations.  Our understanding of the automation industry will also lead to improved cash conversion cycles for our clients.

Performance – Our experience gives insight to actions to take during the acquisition process that will lead to improved product yield and quality – from initial startup to maturity.  In addition, we have proven tools and techniques that will improve the MTTR and MTBF of the production equipment.


Logston has developed and utilized a holistic PDP process that has resulted in time and cost savings for our clients and the automation supplier alike – it removes waste from the system.  Under most circumstances, the time-to-market is the most important.  This PDP process insures high quality information exchange between the client organization and the automation supplier, in the form of a honed phase-gated development process.  This process has been so successful that several automation suppliers have implemented this process in their companies after using it.