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Logston Associates is a unique engineering consulting company that consists of a group of highly experienced manufacturing development experts. Our people collectively have been responsible for the acquisition of over $1B worth of custom automation that has been dispersed throughout the world. Our customers are companies developing new products that need to be introduced, ramping new products, and companies looking to drive cost out of their organizations. The value we provide is a cost effective way to design, procure, and ramp manufacturing solutions by partnering with product development teams and manufacturing sites. We are an extension of a customer’s organization and success is measured by exceeding our customer’s business objectives.

We pride ourselves in the depth and breadth of experience that we offer. The experts cover all engineering disciplines relevant to manufacturing development — machine control, data systems, machine vision, machine design, ergonomic design, SPC to name a few. Most of our resources have served in expert automation engineering roles in Fortune 500 companies for 10+ years. In addition, some of our team members have experience in P&L environments for automation companies, and are experts at identifying and minimizing hidden costs.